Most Ghost and Ketman!

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Most Ghosts live shot with logo’ish

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Most Ghosts live at O’briens, January 30th

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Photos from our first show by Lara Keshishian (


Most Ghosts to Go!

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I wanted to post the tour dates for Most Ghosts as they stand right now and this is what happened… well, here’s the thing, I just cut and pasted from our myspace… I kinda like the way it looks with our ‘top friends’ so I left it.

Anyway, here are our tour dates for March. We’ve been in and out of the studio working our first EP which should be finished up within the next few weeks.

Upcoming Shows


in the studio with…daniel

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hello friends, kurt and i have been here since noonish working on the same song. it’s all good. my throat is sore from the high notes. i just started drinking a ripIt because my coffee was wearing off. we/i/we again haven’t posted here since starting this account. time to post. this is the second reason why i started drinking a ripIt. i like to drink the drinkz and type. lester had the right idea, just…in practice, though, perhaps not. i’m still getting used to the keyboard on my new computer. new as in seven months ago or so. that’s because i’ve only recently just started typing on it for more than looking up porn and recording music music. more over, really? i woke up and started watching the hebrew hammer today. that movie is surprisingly funny. i’d like indian food. once kev gets here we can press on, but until then…and kev is here. the ellipsis was kev getting here and mixing continued. when the ripIt kicks.


Good evening, we are Most Ghosts

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you can listen to us here: